DAF Delivery for North Kesteven District Council

DAF Delivery for North Kesteven District Council

20th April 2021 | Ford & Slater DAF

North Kesteven District Council have recently taken receipt of two brand-new DAF FA LF 230.

These two new DAF’s are the first two of four vehicles they have purchased as part of their fleet replenishment.

Nina Camm, Transport Manager at North Kesteven District Council, explains why they keep coming back to DAF for their fleet, “These are vehicles that are out every day and they have rough ride – we need them to be operational and working their best and the DAF chassis is up to the job.”

In their commitment to saving taxpayer money, North Kesteven District Council ensure they are making the most out of their vehicles: “For the next two DAF’s that are arriving, we will work with Ford & Slater and the bodybuilder to swap the refuse collection bodies from the old vehicle onto the new chassis. Although the vehicle chassis needs replacing, the refuse collection body is still in good working order, so by re-using two of these we will deliver a saving on the budget of in the region of £30,000, demonstrating value for money”.

Nina continues: “This is a great example of a council thinking intelligently to make the best use of tax-payer money. The partnership and co-operation between us, Ford & Slater and the bodybuilder has been vital to making this possible.”

Explaining why North Kesteven District Council continues to choose Ford & Slater for their vehicles, Nina said: “We have a very good relationship with Ford & Slater, they’re our local dealer and always available when we need them to complement our in-house workshop.”

The vehicles come complete with Allison automatic gearboxes, sideview safety glass windows and body supplied by Farid Hillend Engineering.

Many thanks to Nina Camm and North Kesteven District Council – enjoy the trucks!

DAF Delivery for North Kesteven District Council