Ford & Slater leading the way in pursuit of quality and compliance

Ford & Slater leading the way in pursuit of quality and compliance

14th April 2021 | Ford & Slater Leicester

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Ford & Slater, the first DAF dealer in the UK to obtain Stage Two approvals from the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), is now able to offer approvals covering the fitment of over 216 commonly specified components across the DAF LF, CF and XF product range.

Stage Two Approvals are a secondary stage of Whole Vehicle Type Approval, which confirm that vehicles, bodies and ancillary equipment meet specified standards – and it is a legislative requirement for all new commercial vehicles entering service in the UK.

Tim Strevens, Joint Managing Director of Ford & Slater, explained: “We make it our mission to ensure that when our customers’ vehicles are on the road, they are fully compliant and working their best. We have always had the highest confidence in the quality control and working methods of our technicians, and Type Approval is about having those standards accredited and recognized, and ensuring our customers meet their existing and future legislative requirements.”

Ford & Slater first obtained the CoP accreditation from the VCA in 2018 as a precursor for applying for Stage Two approvals. The DAF dealership group, with eleven sites throughout eastern and central England, now has approvals which apply to items installed on new vehicles prior to registration, for example camera systems, anti-siphon devices and proximity sensors.

We've put together this handy explainer video that breaks down what this legislative requirement means for you and your vehicles.